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Revolutionizing Eco-friendly Choices: Linerless Printers and Papers

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, efficiency and sustainability are paramount. When it comes to order labelling, a critical component of logistics and inventory management, BIXOLON’s linerless printing solutions are at the forefront of the industry. What are Linerless Printers?Linerless printers are a type of label printer that uses linerless labels. Linerless labels do not ha...


BIXOLON Launches SRP-Q300II Next Generation Cube Printer

Introducing 3-inch mPOS Receipt Printer with a USB Type-C® Port BIXOLON Co.,Ltd, a leading global manufacturer of
advanced Mobile, Label and POS printers, has introduced the latest SRP-Q300II
3-inch cube thermal printer. This next-generation mPOS hub capable printer
boasts built-in USB Type-C power delivery charging for mobile devices, data
communication and USB netwo...


BIXOLON Partners with Iceni Event Solutions to Improve Event Registration and Badge Solutions

BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced Receipt, Label and Mobile printers, has partnered with Iceni Event Solutions, a leading technology company specialising in event registration solutions. The collaboration marks a significant advancement in event ticketing and registration for Iceni and the customers it supports in the events industry. Iceni has purchased a fleet of BIXOLON’s XD5-43tEK d...


BIXOLON Introduces Label Artist™ Web for Dedicated Label Design and Printing Performance

With the rise of cross-platform and cloud technology, BIXOLON is proud to launch Label Artist™ Web a comprehensive piece of label design and print software which requires no printer driver installation and works across all platforms. This powerful tool aims to empower businesses to manage their labelling needs with greater flexibility and ease, by encompassing the key benefits of BIXOLON’s existing ...


Mastering Kitchen Efficiency: The Role of Receipt and Label Printing in Order Management

In today’s fast-paced world of hospitality, efficient kitchen order management is crucial for maintaining high standards of service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether running a bustling restaurant, a small café, or a dynamic food delivery service, having a reliable system for order printing can make a significant difference. The Importance of Order Management PrintingOrder management ...